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Please note: I have enjoyed providing beautiful healing work for many years to individuals and couples. I have gone to massage school and various workshops and have been trained in many modalities of energy work such as reiki, rapid resolution therapy and many types of healing touch. I chose to provide my own version of healing rather than traditional massage and counseling. Thus, I am not a therapist or CMT, but I have been of service to many through coaching and somatic modalities. I look forward to helping you feel incredible! 

Hello, a bit
about me:

I am a musician and healer with a deep love of... well... everyone!
I hold a certificate in reiki and rapid resolution therapy and have trained to ease your somatic (body-related), emotional and spiritual concerns. I love using my hands and heart to soothe your body, mind, and spirit!
You can open up to me about absolutely anything as we work to improve and perfect your health - physically, mentally, emotionally and yes... even sexually. Sexual health is so important, and I am absolutely here for you! Do not mistake this to mean I am an escort. I absolutely do not provide illegal services, but I do believe adults should be here for one another... what can I do for you, love?

300/30 400/60 500/90 
Extras/Kink: 350+/30-60  450+/60-90
BDSM-type: 500+/30-90
*Extras not usually offered 1st session. Must be cleared prior to appt. NO FS. NONE.       
4 HANDS/ Doubles: 750/60 900/90 NOT FS.
**4 Hands req's at least a week to arrange.
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